Health and Food Safety Are Our Top Priorities


正如你所知道的, the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 situation continues to develop, and individuals and organizations throughout the country 和 world are making preparations and adapting. Our 蓝色的板 team is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees and clients alike. We are closely monitoring the 疾病预防控制中心网站 and news media outlets, as well as client and vendor communications in order to remain up-to-date on new information and developments regarding 新型冠状病毒肺炎.


As a food-service provider, we take workplace cleanliness and employee hygiene very seriously.

•我们的80,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in the West Loop has temperature-controlled kitchens that promote the safe preparation of food.

• Our trained and certified Culinary, Service and Logistics teams have decades of combined experience in the industry.

• We strictly adhere to guidelines outlined in the Chicago Food Code and follow all USDA and FDA safe practice recommendations.

• Our Culinary team follows HACCP-based standard operating procedures in our kitchens.


As the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 situation continues to unfold, we have seen an increasing demand for individually packaged menu items. To promote health and food safety at meetings and events, our chefs created a menu with freshly made Buffet-in-a-Box meals.

We hope these new menu options from our 蓝色的板 kitchens provide some peace of mind as you try to move forward with meetings and events. Our utmost priority is your health and safety.

We encourage you to reach out to your 蓝色的板 销售 representative to discuss ideas and alternatives for your event. Whether it’s offering fresh, individually packaged menu items or postponing your event to a future date, we want to help you make the best decision for you and your guests.

For questions regarding an upcoming meeting or event, please contact your 蓝色的板 销售 representative or call 312.421.6666 or e邮件 us at info@www.joesimmonsjr.com.

For more information on 新型冠状病毒肺炎, please consult the 疾病预防控制中心网站.

For safety and readiness tips, please consult the Red Cross website.

We wish you good health and safety as we all navigate this situation together!


2018 Catersource 火花! 奖


蓝色的板’s Award-Winning Smoked Carrot in Cloche – Photo credit: Caitlin Lisa Photography

We are excited to announce that 蓝色的板 餐饮 has won the Achievement in 餐饮 & 事件 (ACE) Award in the East RegionICA Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence (CATIE) Award for Best Hors d’oeuvre — Smoked Carrot in Cloche. 的 awards were presented on February 19, at the 2018 Catersource 火花! 奖 Gala at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

的 ACE awards honor and recognize caterers and event planners from around the globe who have worked tirelessly to keep clients thrilled 和ir companies on the cutting edge, while the CATIE awards recognize exemplary culinary production at an event.

蓝色的板’s Executive Chef 保罗•拉森 was present to receive the awards and was also in attendance at the 26th annual Catersource conference and tradeshow at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 的 conference featured two days of educational sessions, followed by a tradeshow with exhibitors, culinary competitions, happy hours and tastings.

Congratulations to all the 蓝色的板 teams whose continued dedication and hard work lead to happy clients and industry 识别s! We are honored to have received these awards.

蓝色的板 餐饮’s 2017 Year in Review

拉金厅 Tasting Room

Photography Credit: Marcin Cymmer

What a year it’s been!

From settling into our new digs, 拉金厅, to joining the ranks of Chicago Tribune’s Top Places to Work, to servicing clients across 3,200 events and 3,900 delivery drops, it’s been another excellent year for our 公司’s history. Join us in celebrating some of our many accomplishments in 2017.

First-Year Homecoming for 拉金厅

Fruit Chiboust/蓝色的板 餐饮

今年 marked our first full year in our new space at 1362 West Fulton. 的 move signaled our commitment to hospitality leadership with our expansive, state-of-the-art production kitchen and warehouse facility and a separate second-floor tasting kitchen. This building also stands as an architectural symbol as we look to the next phase of our 公司 and anchors our presence in the fast-growing Fulton Market District. Read more about 拉金厅’s current and future event spaces and attractions.

Leadership at Catersource 2017

Catersource, the show for catering and event professionals, celebrated its 25th anniversary in New Orleans, LA earlier this year, joining forces with the renowned culinary training program, Art of 餐饮 Food.  蓝色的板’s Executive Chef, 保罗•拉森, with assistance from members of our culinary team, led the inaugural three-day immersive school that included chef demonstration and education workshops. 今年, we also brought five team members who represented our cross-section of experience across culinary, 销售, service and even human resources. Pastry Chef Ashley Harriger’s Fruit Salad Chiboust also received a nomination for Best Dessert (pictured). 阅读更多的 10 Things We Learned at Catersource.


Chicago’s 2017 101 Best & 最聪明的 Companies To Work For® and Chicago Tribune Top Places to Work

For the sixth year in a row, we received Chicago’s Best & 最聪明的 Company to Work For® award and also joined one of 400 companies out of 2,000 nominees in winning our first national Best & 最聪明的 award! We also received the 识别 of Chicago Tribune Top Places to Work Award. (哇呼!!) Check out this video that looks back on 2017 and showcases our unique culture.



Round 的 Table Hospitality Awarded 101 Best & 最聪明的


Bestand最聪明的_EBlast_header2 (1)

蓝色的板 餐饮, under the newly formed Round 的 Table Hospitality Group, along with partner restaurant, tesori trattoria & 酒吧, is excited to announce it has received for the sixth year in a row the 识别 of “101 Best and 最聪明的” award.

Best and 最聪明的 Companies to Work For® competition identifies and honors companies that deliver exceptional human resource practices and an impressive commitment to their employees. Organizations are assessed based on categories such as communication, work-life balance, employee education, 多样性, 识别, retention and more.


What’s on Your Plate for 2017?


2017 Chicago Food Trends

Chicago is known for its superb culinary scene, boasting top-notch restaurants, caterers, and chefs. This city is comprised of many innovative and creative leaders in the food industry who set new culinary trends.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting culinary trends that we can expect to see in Chicago this year.

  1. Restaurant Gardens

Fresh ingredients are in high demand and that demand will only continue to increase. For this reason, some restaurants in Chicago have their own vegetable and herb gardens so they can easily and efficiently use only the freshest ingredients in their dishes. Choose Chicago lists some of the local restaurants that have embraced the farm-to-table trend.

  1. Breakfast Gets a Texture Overhaul

In 2017, breakfast foods with a different texture than the traditional ones are expected to become menu staples for this important meal. 的se new items won’t have the “smooth” texture like eggs and cooked cereal, but a crunchier one, with items like fried chicken and crispy chorizo appearing on breakfast menus. Our restaurant in the Loop, tesori trattoria & 酒吧, is debuting its new brunch menu on Saturday, February 25. Check out their crispy Chicken Milanese with poached egg, fontina fonduta, 芝麻菜, and a touch of lemon.

  1. Beer 鸡尾酒

Several restaurants throughout Chicago are mixing popular beers with hard liquor to create some unique and delicious beer cocktails. 的se are the perfect beverages for when you’re in the mood for some brew with a lively twist!

  1. 山羊盘子

Yes, you read that correctly. 根据 Food Business 新闻, goat may be the next big protein in restaurants across the United States. Goat is leaner than most meats – including chicken. Chicago’s own Girl 和 Goat serves up a few goat dishes, including Goat Carpaccio, Goat Empanadas, and Goat Ribs.

  1. Gluten-Free Menus

With more and more people adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, restaurants have realized the importance of offering customers gluten-free options. 当然, Chicago restaurants take gluten-free to the next level and ensure that these dishes are packed with flavor, keeping their customers coming back for more.

的 latest restaurant trends are also popping up in the catering scene. If you’re looking for catering in Chicago for your next corporate or social event, we’d love to show you how we can harness the flavors of your favorite Chicago restaurant dishes at your next gathering ope体育 today so we can help bring your catering vision to life.